I made my Egg Ring as a gift for my wife , when she was pregnant with our first child . I was originally just simply going to carve the large Egg like shape , then the idea of making the Egg so it splits in two parts , like it was cracking open



One of my more sculptural / unusual industrial style rings .


Cuff Links presented to His Royal Highness Prince William during his Australian visit , by

Sir Peter Cosgrove The Australian Governor General


Cuff Links for the Prime Minister of Australia & Cabinet and the

Department of Veteran Affairs for the 100 th ANZAC Commemoration .


Constructing one of my more unusual rings .... inspired by Corrugated Iron : )


Variscite Cuff Links made for the Prime Minister of Australia and Cabinet


My nephew who is a Graffiti Artist , was the inspiration for my Silver Spray Can Design .... have sound on : )


I designed my Hug Ring for my wife


One of my Industrial Designs .... my Nut and Bolt Ring


I found this Cowrie with my wife when we first met .... I made this for her and it is still her favorite ring : )


My Kinetic Hinge Ring is one of the most unusual rings I have ever designed ; simplistic in                           appearance but complex in its seven piece construction .


Pouring Silver to make a large bangle


My Fist Bump Ring

My Silver Cone Hole Ring

Barbie Ring

Large Silver Form Rings

My Industrial Boob Ring