Silver Grape Vine Ring


Silver Grape Vine Ring

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I created this design based on a Grape and Vine Leaf wrapped aroung a Ring . 

This was influenced while on holiday down South in Western Australia ; which is one of the most renoun Wine Regions in Australia . It was while being dragged along by my wife to visit numerous beautiful winerys that I started to draw my Grape and Leaf designs.

After drawing my initial designs I came up with the idea wrapping the Grapes and Grape Leaf around the Ring .... like it was the vine growning around the band .

WIDTH    6 mm , 
THICKNESS    1.5 mm

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PLEASE NOTE : This price is for a ring up to a size S in UK sizing / Size 9 1/8 in US sizing .

A small sizing fee will be charged for larger sizes than this .... due to the extra work involved in making larger rings . 

I can make this to any size .

If you do not know what size you need , the chart below may help you .

Thanks for looking at my Jewellery .